SOFTSWISS casino platform launches new tournament service
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SOFTSWISS casino platform launches new tournament service

The renowned SOFTSWISS casino platform has launched a new version of its popular tournaments, the Tournament Service. The new service is an improved and updated version of the company’s popular product, with a focus on improved flexibility and reliability, which consequently increases player engagement.

Huge improvements in the new version:

THE Tournament service it wants to engage players and allow them to be more involved the overall gaming experience.

The company conducted research and realized that tournaments significantly affect its business critical parameters. Among the significant data is the fact that an increase of 10-20% was noted. Deposit counting and the Deposit amount was doubled.

Tournament service offers players a real-time rankingso that operators can monitor player engagement in real time and change and update it as necessary.

Besides that, a new feature called Network tournaments will be launched soon, so operators will be able to launch competitions on different projects. The product could be tailored to meet the needs of specific operators and meet their needs. Furthermore, he will have the opportunity to improve both metric AND optimization costs for his partners, then the technical improvements it will make the overall experience significantly better.

Ivan Barshchou, head of the SOFTSWISS casino platformShe said: “I am pleased to announce that our core product continues to improve and develop. The evolution of functionality into comprehensive services demonstrates the team’s strong commitment to creating practical and valuable solutions. The tournament service is intended to extend operators’ opportunities for player engagement, one of the toughest challenges facing the industry today. We monitor iGaming trends and offer our partners the most effective solutions for the growth of their business.”

Successful company:

In 2023, entry into the new market has been simplified for operators who use it SOFTSWISS turnkey solutionwhen the SOFTSWISS casino platform got the GLI-19 certification.

Furthermore, recently the company he was awarded a Great Place To Work certification in Poland, which is another proof that SOFTSWISS is committed to creating a great working environment and has a team of professionals who contribute greatly to the final products.

Among the aspects of work culturemanagement respect and fairness, trust, pride, team spirit, various management practices, workplace safety, ethics, company values ​​and many other factors were questioned and team members anonymously rated the company .

The company will be present at ICE London 2024 at Stand N8-231, where they will discuss the latest industry news and provide market insights.

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